Customer Data Import List

There are many opportunities to reach out to your customers who are in the market refresh another room or looking to remodel. The average consumer redecorates their home every 5 years. Think of the life changes that occur in a home since you may have visited. Expectant families, kids off to college, empty nesters. There are many reasons homeowners update rooms based on life changes – not to mention just a room refresh.

We’ve got your Customers!
Your CRM data is available directly within the DBM Group portal. Select exactly the customers/prospects you want to market to and create a customized campaign specifically for that group. These campaigns can be customized for as little as one household.

Not uploading to the Budget Blinds CRM? See below for more great options.

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Upload Your Customer File

You already get why reaching out to your customers can be lucrative and increase your sales but you’re not uploading to the Budget Blinds CRM, no worries. You can still market to your customers/prospects. You can send your marketing list to us. It will stay exclusively in your DBM Group marketing account. There’s a link on our site to upload it directly to your account.

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NAF Handraisers

Your National Ad Fund generates leads from multiple sources. As part of training you learned the 7x7 marketing approach. Budget Blinds recommends following up with your NAF leads with a direct marketing effort to increase the number of touches these leads receive. Mail to the New Leads generated from the National Ad Campaigns. With this program the NAF Leads are automatically loaded and mailed every month. This is an additional 3 touch campaign.

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